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    First batch ready to ship! Limited stock.

    The B& is a 3-band, Analog Isolator, optimised for touring DJs.

    Inspired by &ME, we set out to develop a reliable, fully analog Isolator that integrates easily with DJ mixers. The removable Stand can be used to raise the Isolator to the same height as most modern DJ Mixers (95mm), and then pack down easily for travel. A powerful Neodymium magnet on the side helps it to stick to either the front or side of a DJ mixer for stability. Additional rack ears are sold separately.

    Pushing the ONF Button will toggle between the device being ON (activated) or OFF (bypassed). Switching is done via mechanical relays, so the device will still pass signal even when it’s not powered. It can be powered by pretty by pretty much any USB-C device and Pulling the power plug in and out will not give you nasty pops or clicks.

    Each of the 3 bands can boost up to 12dB or fully cut.
    Our VCA design allows for precise stereo matching within 0.5dB.
    Crossover Frequencies are at 250Hz and 3.14kHz (π)
    100% Analog 4-pole filter design (24dB per Octave)

    Balanced or unbalanced signals are no problem. Both inputs and outputs can handle either type, and will normalise them to 0dB. For Short cable lengths under 3 Meters, unbalanced cables like our Multicore Jackie and R.C.A will perform well. Balanced cables can help to reduce noise over longer distances, like in recording studios, or if your output is traveling a long distance to the Front of House. Since the B& is designed to sit in the master chain, high input and output signals up to a maximum of 22dBU can be used!

    Dimensions incl. Knobs and Stand: L246mm x W49mm x H72mm

    Stand and USB-C power adaptor are included.

    WARNING! Strong magnet inside. If you would like us to remove it, then please leave a note with your order.

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