TEIL2 Revolo


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The Revolo is a REVerb combined with a TremOLO, optimised for touring DJs.

The Reverb focuses on creating a large, airy soundscape, that sits above a mix, instead of muddying it up. The white noise source can be fed into the reverb, and the high-pass filter can be used to shape it.

The Tremolo can then be applied to create a rhythmic or dynamic effect on the reverb tail.

An external spring tank can be connected to substitute the internal reverb algorithm.

High fidelity is always a top priority. The Revelo uses low-noise electronics throughout all analog stages, and only the effected signal is processed in a DSP environment, leaving your original signal unconverted. All AD/DA conversions are done with high-performance 24-bit converters.

The removable Stand can be used to raise the Revolo to the same height as most modern DJ Mixers (95mm), and then pack down easily for travel.

Dimensions incl. Knobs: L120mm x W110mm x H55mm

Stand and USB-C power adaptor are included, with EU or USA plug type. It can be powered by pretty much any USB-C adaptor.


TEIL2 Revolo Manual


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