TEIL1 the keinedelay

TEIL1 the keinedelay

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    The TEIL1 is our flagship product that takes a hands-on approach to Delay for DJs and Producers.

    The main delay algorithm simulates a tape delay, allowing you either speed up or slow down the tape via the TIME knob. As you cycle between the time modes from 3200ms – 400ms, the delay time gets halved or doubled with each step. Any repeats still in the feedback loop at the time of switching will have their time and pitch doubled or halved, as if you were changing the speed rapidly on a tape delay. Interesting rhythmic patterns can be created with this function. Switching to FAST, FULL or LOOP modes deletes the repeats from the feedback path.

    LOOP mode allows you to create loops up to 12 seconds long and then warp them. Some interesting sounds can be made by changing the speed of the loop with the TIME knob, as well as the grain size with the FEEDBACK knob. The speed change is achieved by an old school time stretching algorithm.

    The MIX/WET switch is something that guitar FX don’t have, and allows you to return only the wet delayed signal. This is especially useful on a DJ mixer, where you don’t want to have the original signal coming back to the the FX return.

    The ANALOG/DIGITAL switch allows you to apply a high cut filter and mild tempo/pitch modulation when ANALOG is selected.

    MOM stands for momentary. when its switched on, the signal only gets into the FX loop while the button is pressed. This function is cool for longer delay times on isolated sounds. For example if you only wanted to delay a snare in a mix.

    High fidelity was always a top priority from the start of this design. The TEIL1 uses low-noise electronics throughout all analog stages, and only the delayed repeats are processed in a DSP environment, leaving your original signal unconverted. All AD/DA conversions are done with high-performance 24-bit converters.
    Dimensions incl. Knobs: L120mm x W110mm x H50mm

    A compact 9V power adaptor is supplied with the unit!