TEILE started as a fun project modifying hardware to be more user friendly for Djs and producers. We are three guys with a common enthusiasm for music and technology.

Gregor, who produces and Djs under the name Rampa, also founded the record label Keinemusik. With a wealth of experience as a touring DJ and producer, he has an incredible knack for the micro details of how a product should feel and react, as well as what features are needed most.

On the macro level, Benjamin takes these ideas and finds a practical way to implement them. Learning most of his analog design theory from the mad scientist Ekadek making mixing and mastering tools, and then fine tuning it as production manager at KOMA-Elektronik.

Felix is our master of all things digital, and gracefully shares much of this knowledge with the readers of MAKE Magazine as a full time contributor. When not tinkering, you can find him behind his self made synthesiser, or slamming the piano keys in his Jazz duet.

At the moment our focus is on DJs, trying to provide high quality, easy to use tools. However we have many ideas for future products across other platforms.